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Founded in August 2018 within Yiwu, China, a group of individuals with a shared vision established "Zhejiang Tiannuo Supply Chain Management Co.," commonly known as "TRUSTIN," situated in the renowned international commodity trade center.

With extensive experience in offline retail, online sales, and cross-border e-commerce platform operation and management, our team has collaborated with various fashion brands. Our commitment revolves around understanding global customs and consumption concepts, actively staying informed about market information, and adhering to fashion trends. This enables us to provide products tailored to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

On the supply chain side, we maintain relationships with over 100 manufacturing factories and brand companies. This collaboration allows us to share fashion information with partners, facilitating the development of products aligned with market demand. Our primary categories include trendy clothing, sports shoes, fashion accessories, and related sectors.

While prioritizing end-consumer satisfaction, our services extend to trade buyers, aiming to assist trade partners in creating substantial value within their respective sectors.

Our brand-oeyes

OEYES, a synthesis of "O" and "EYES" representing "earth" and "vision" respectively, encapsulates our core values. These values underscore our dedication to exploring, discovering, and crafting fashion with a global perspective. OEYES is committed to serving a diverse international clientele seeking a fashionable lifestyle.

In 2010, we successfully obtained the registration for the domain name www.oeyes.com. Subsequently, the corresponding website was officially launched in July 2019. This platform not only offers customers access to the latest fashionable products but also ensures secure payment options, attentive online customer service, and efficient logistics and after-sales support.

In 2020, OEYES took a strategic step by registering its trademark in the United States . This formal registration solidifies our brand's presence and underscores our commitment to delivering authentic and distinctive fashion experiences.

Central to OEYES is the belief that each individual possesses a unique style and the inherent right to express themselves globally. Our brand advocates for change, encourages sharing, and empowers individuals to authentically represent themselves.

Our products

To cater to diverse customer needs, we meticulously focus on material selection, color variations, and size considerations in our style development process. Each OEYES product undergoes a comprehensive journey, including the analysis of fashion data, raw material screening, confirmation of production processes at factories, and rigorous quality inspections.In tandem, we prioritize user feedback, actively incorporating suggestions into product optimization and enhancement.

Our aim is to furnish every user with products that not only meet their satisfaction but also contribute to cost savings, enabling them to derive greater enjoyment from life.



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